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Top 10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know

In this technical and social based era, WhatsApp has grown in such a way that you can’t stop chatting in WhatsApp. It has become one of the important parts of humans life to share our feeling and emotions. While chatting on WhatsApp you miss different things to do because you are not aware of these awesome WhatsApp tricks. With lots of advanced tricks, you can attract your friends and be noticed on your performances. Here I’ve listed top 10 WhatsApp tricks you should know. If you also know some of the tricks which are not mentioned in this list please comment you trick.

1. Add Chat Shortcuts

Whatsapp Tricks

We all have a bestie with we chat constantly on WhatsApp. It feels bored to open Whatsapp and find that contact in every single minute. Rather than doing this you can simply make a shortcut of that particular person on your home screen. To do this just long press on the conversation, click three dots on right top of the page and then click on ‘Add Chat Shortcut‘.

2. You can send a message without typing.

WhatsApp TricksWhatsApp Tricks



This feature is awesome that can reduce you typing requirement. You can send a message without typing with the help of Shiri and Google Assistant. Android user can use Google Assistant to send messages whereas iPhone user can use Shiri. These digital assistants can also read out your WhatsApp message for you.

3. Share Your Location

whatsapp tricks

As we use location sharing on Messanger, Facebook has provided this feature in Whatsapp too. Once you share your live location with someone, they would be able to track wherever you go for the time period you select. You can select tree time frames that are – 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours.

To share your live location with your friends, just open WhatsApp; tap on the ‘Attachment’ icon on the typing spacebar and select ‘Location’. Once you do this, you will get two options – ‘Share Live Location’ and ‘Share Your Current Location’. Tap on the farmer option and select the time frame.

4. ‘Unsend’ messages

WhatsApp Tricks

It is the fact that once in a while we send a wrong message to the wrong person by mistake. Now, you don’t have to be panic. There is still a way to delete it. Select the message then press the ‘Delete’ icon on the top of the page.

Once you press the delete icon, you will see three options – ‘Delete for me’, ‘Cancel’, and ‘Delete for Everyone’. Now select the last one ‘Delete for Everyone’ so that the receiver can’t read the message that you mistakenly send them. However, you only get seven minutes to delete the message after you have sent it.

5. Create GIFs

WhatsApp Tricks

We all know that WhatsApp support GIFs file for a while even we also share GIFs file. But did you know you can also create GIFs within Whatsapp and sent it to your friends? You can create GIFs to those files which are shaved in your smartphone.

Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact whom you want to send the GIF to. Click on the attach icon > Select Gallery > Go to videos. Select the video you wish to create in a GIF from. As soon as you do this, it’ll open up in the video editing section of WhatsApp. Here, you have to adjust the length of the video to 6 seconds or less, as longer GIFS are not supported by WhatsApp.

Once the video length is less than 6 seconds, the option of converting it to a GIF will appear as a slider on the top right. Now all you need to do is take the slider towards GIF, and you’re set.

6. Editing Images

WhatsApp Tricks

Many of us need instant editing while sending any picture. For example, if there is four person in a picture and we want to point out one of them then you can easily point out that one with the help of Whatsapp image editor.

Select attach > Go to gallery > Select the image you wish to share. Once you do this, the image will open in WhatsApp’s photo editor. On the top right, you’ll see options of adding text, emoticons, and doodle. You can resize and change colours of all three once you add them to your image.

7. Format Text

WhatsApp Tricks

one of the best features of WhatsApp that one should know. Just think when you are writing a long message in a group about any information and you are using the heading in bold and somewhere italic also then it looks pretty cool.

WhatsApp has a different text format feature so that you can write in a different style. You can bold text on WhatsApp by starting it and following it with an asterisk ‘*’. Similarly, for italics, make sure the text is preceded and followed by an underscore sign ‘_’. You can also make your text appear struck off with Strikethrough. For that precede and follow it with tilde ‘~’.

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8. Switch off media auto-download

WhatsApp Tricks

If you have joined with different many groups then you must be receiving lots of pictures and videos daily. Almost half of them are actually not needed. Some of us need every video whereas some people need every picture. According to your need, you can manage what gets downloaded automatically and what doesn’t.

Go to Settings > Select Data usage and choose the most appropriate options.

9. You can read WhatsApp messages without informing the sender

WhatsApp Tricks

Do you know that there is a trick in WhatsApp which will enable you to read a message without informing the sender? All you need to do is scroll down to the notification plan and enable the flight mode on the smartphone. Once done, just open the WhatsApp chat and read the message. After reading the message just make sure that you close the app from the multi-window so, that it doesn’t run in the background and sync you when online. After the complete process just removes the phone from flight mode and Voila! you have read the message without informing the sender.

10. Pin your chat to top

WhatsApp Tricks

There are some of the contacts in our WhatsApp list to which we always need to chat. In this case, you always scroll huge contact list to find that contact, it takes lots of time. To overcome this problem WhatsApp has a feature so that you can pin you important conversation on the top of the list.

To pin a contact to the top of the list, you have to long press on the chat from that person and then press the ‘pin icon’ that appears right next to delete, mute and archive icons on the top of the page. As of now, only three contacts can be pinned to place them on top of the conversation list.

Hope you enjoyed the ride of WhatsApp tricks. 

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