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The 5 biggest announcements from Facebook’s F8 developer conference keynote

After the Cambridge data scandal in the last few weeks Facebook founder and CEO is trying to get back on the track with its annual two-day F8 Developer Conference. Mark Zuckerberg tried his best to keep developers excited about continuing to build on his platform. The event will bring almost 5,000 developers together; and more than 50 sessions will be conducted with major 90-minutes keynote sessions.

The CEO spent a brief moment of the keynote rallying developers to keep building and using their skills to bring people together. He also revealed some new exciting features.

Following are the major changes and features that Mark revealed during his time on stage.

#1 Facebook Dating

dating on facebook

It was the biggest announcement of the night by introducing a dating features in Facebook. It allows people to brouse potential matches at inside groups r events you're interested in attending.

This features will allow people to message each other using only their first names, and start conversations that are separate from the core Facebook or Messenger App.

#2 Oculus Go 

facebook f8 deplopers conference

The $199 standalone virtual reality headset from Facebook is now available for purchase after Amazon accidentally put preorders up hours before the official launch. The new Oculus Go will support social experiences like Watch Party, Multiplayer games, and even live shows such as concerts and experiential theater.

#3 'Clear History' Feature

facebook f8 developers conferenceMark Zuckerberg revealed that company is going to provide the feature of 'Clear History' in the coming months. 

This features allow users to see and clear the history of apps and websites a user has interacted with.

#4 App review process developers

facebook f8 developers conference

During the keynote session, CEO announced the company would again re-open its app review process for developers. This features will allow new third-party apps to come forward only with a review process.


#5 All in one Instagram stories 

facebook f8 developers conference

Most of the updates for Instagram today arrive to the app’s most popular feature to date: Stories. Soon, users will be able to user AR face filters from brands and influencers without waiting for Instagram to release its own. Users will also get more third-party integrationswhen uploading a story. For example, a GoPro clip could be cropped and ported right to Instagram Stories or you can share what you’re currently listening to on Spotify while offering a deep link within a story to open that song in a viewer’s own Spotify app.

Instagram is also continuing to transform into a full-fledged messaging app, with new video calling features that will allow group conferencing as well.

#6 Whatsapp to add group video call feature.

facebook f8 devolopers conference

During the keynote session, Mark Zuckerberg thanked co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum for working on data encryption after he announced he is leaving the company. After that, he announced that WhatsApp will now have group video calling feature as the old calling features are used by many people across the world.


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