Nursing Question

For this week’s assignment, consider why we need intelligence tests. Explain in your own words the reason for intelligence tests. Then describe what bias is and how the test creator’s and administrator’s bias impact the test results of the tests? Name at least two things that should be considered when creating intelligence tests? You must … Read More

Domestic Violence Assessment

Domestic Violence Assessment 2 pages / 600 words (Double spacing) Education Level: University Assignment Topic: Domestic Violence Assessment Subject: Nursing Sources: 2 sources required Citation Style: APA 7th edition Instructions Write about Domestic Violence Assessment  Research your topic through library and web sources. Use reputable sources.  Generally, websites ending in .org, .gov, or .Edu are stronger … Read More

Nursing Reflection

Thinking back over this course, what were the three most important or most interesting things you learned? How do you envision using the information you learned in your future nursing practice? What steps will you take to ensure your success in the master’s program? Presents information using clear and concise language in an organized manner. … Read More

Family Assessment

To prepare: Review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide on family assessment. Be sure to review the resource on psychotherapy genograms. Download the Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Note Template and review the requirements of the documentation. There is also an exemplar provided with detailed guidance and examples.  View the Mother and Daughter: … Read More

Analyzing A Child Poverty Program

Social Policy and Social Programs text to complete the following: Read Chapter 9, “An Example of Social Policy and Social Program Analysis: Selected Features of Federal Child Welfare Legislation Since 1970 Concerned With Child Abuse,” pages 167–185.  Develop an analysis for the issue of childhood poverty, showing how at least four groups benefit or suffer due … Read More