How to start a blog to make money? – Complete Guide

Blogging has its own empire in the world of Internet. You are very lucky that you think different from the other people. You are reading this blog it means you have some entrepreneurial mind. I can assure that you can build your own brand if you keep your diligence on. I’m very glad that you are here! Through this article I will explain from the very beginning so that you can build you own wordPress site easily.

Whatever you read in this article is based on my personal experience on setting up of (the site where you are now.)

First of all I would like to make you understand about “What is blog?“.

A blog is a type of website where blogger post articles on any topic based on their interest. In blog site posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first. It means the latest post will appears at the top and so on.

There are various benefits of blog. The main benefit of blog is that you can earn money even more than you have imagined. For the last few years blogging was just for providing information. Only few peoples were taking the benefit of earning money. Today, blogging has grown up to the extreme level where almost all people are making money from their blog.

Here, I am going to list some of the top benefits of blog.

1. Make money from any where

You need not to work eight hours daily as in other services required. The revenue is based on the popularity of your site only you need to provide good information to your readers. Making money from the blog will take time and hard work but it will be overwhelmed once you have touched that top.

2. Share Your Passion

Whatever I know I write an article and share it with people. For example I earn money from my blog so I share all experience and methods so tha you can also earn. It creates a beautiful relation between you and me.

3. Build an Online Portfolio

It is one of the great way to build your freelance writing to aspire others to work with you. You can easily grow you exposure and sign new clients.

Not only these three are the benefits. There are huge number of benefits you can enjoy if your blog has good value.

For your clearance I am going to answer some of the top question that can arise in your mind.

Who can create a blog?

Anyone can create blog because no need of coding skills or anything technical knowledge is required. Believe me it does not require any eligibility criteria. After reading this article you will be eligible to understand it clearly.

Can I start a blog for free?

Yes, you can create a blog for free. But, you must aware that free blogging has limitations. If you are a beginner then you can go for it to increase your experience. There are lots of platform available through which you can start blogging today for absolutely free.

Free blogging platforms are Blogger, Tumbler and Medium where you can create your account to test things out.

If you want to share your knowledge as it is your hobby then these are great options. It was all about when you don’t want to make money. But, if you want to make money from your blog then I highly recommend you to don’t use free platform.

Here, I am listing some important point about why you should consider paid hosting provider.

  • Free services do not allow to customize your site according to your wish. It doesn’t allow you to design and also it has very few features.
  • Beginners firstly earn money from Google Adsense but in the free platform, monetization is disabled until you upgrade it to a paid level.
  • You can’t build your brand to at least intermediate level. At last, you see all your hard work is disappearing and no value will be given to your blog.
  • The most important thing in paid hosting is that they are always with you. If they will get a profit from you then obviously they will help you to continue your blog. I have also faced an incident in which I have implemented something wrong then my site stops opening. I was very scared. So, I decided to call the customer care of my hosting provider. I talk everything to him and they helped me very friendly. Firstly they asked some questions regarding private information then they themselves troubleshoot the problem. Then after I feel very safe that customer care is always with me.
  • If you are in free platform then after some years you may want to transfer to the other paid hosting provider. In this way, you may lose everything. It takes more money and good knowledge to do it.

After reading these points you might understand the benefits and limitations of a free and paid platform.

According to your interest and requirement you can continue your blog journey.

Coming to the point you have to follow some simple steps to get started.

Set up Your Blog’s Name or Domain Name

This is very important part of your blog journey. You must have to decide first that what should be the domain name of your blog. This domain name will be considered as your brand name.

In my case my URL or Domain name is So, my blog is popular with the name Studytreasure. Before choosiing any doomain name you must aware about these points.

Don’t use free blogging service because you will get an attached service provider name with your domain name. Trust me you yourself start hating your domain name.

Let us take an example if you are using free site like Wix, Blogger then these name will always get attached with your domain name.

If you use Wix then your domain name look like this:

If you use Blogger then your domain look like this:

This looks very bad and also it can’t make your blog so popular. Instead of choosing the free domain you can go for an affordable domain name where you can choose your favourite domain. If not available (means taken by other) then you can go for other domain name. And now your domain name look like this:

Before going to the next step you must be know that domain name and hosting are different things. Let us understand the different between domain name and web hosting with sort explanation.

Domain Name: Domain name is something which you type in the search bar. For example, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be your address. All people will reach to your home through this address.

Web Hosting: Web Hosting is something when our all files and data is stored to make it live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives.

If you are thinking to take paid service then you must be thinking about money i.e., How much I have to pay? Don’t afraid of money Bluehost is providing 65%off if you go for both domain name and hosting plan, it will cost very less. Bluehost suggest you lots of domain name according to your choice if not available.

Here’s the step by step process to sign up for Bluehost and get started with a suitable plan.

Click Here to go on Bluehost and then click on “Get Started Now” button.

How to start a blog to make money

After clicking on “Get Started Now” you will be asked to choose a plan out of three types of plan. It’ll look like this:

Here you will be provided with three types of plan i.e., basic, plus and choice plus. All have their own rate based on the features provided. If you can afford then I will highly recommend you to choose “choice plus” plan. The price of this plane is not very high as it provides lots of different features and many more. The most important is that it provides 1 Doman Privacy which is good for you because it keeps your personal information hidden from the public.

Now after selecting the plan Blueshot will show you two options. One is to search the availability of your domain name and to select it. The other option is for your existing domain name. It means if you have already purchased a domain name with other company then write on “i have a domain name”.

As I have already told you that from here Bluehost provide you free domain name without any cost. So, If you are creating new domain name then choose one from “new domain” option.

Choosing domain name for a blog is very important aspect of blog journey. Your domain name shows your blog niche and your brand personality. Before going to choose any name for your blog, you should take these tips into consideration.

  • Choose shortest domain name as much as possible.
  • You can choose domain name with different extentions such as .com, .in, .org, etc. but I recommend you to choose .com because it sound good and also easy to remember.
  • Domain name must represent the niche of your blog so that visitors can easily identify about your blog.
  • Don’t use symbols and numbers in domain name. They are difficult to remember.
  • If you want to create personal brand like Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel then simply you can use your name.
Note: I recommend you to take some time and do some research for your domain then choose a perfect domain name.

Fill your account information

After selecting the domain name you will be asked to provide your account information. You can easily connect with your Gmail account or you can fill it manually. While filling information provides correct information. Use email which is correct because all the information will be sent to this email.

Here by clicking on “Sign in with Google” you will be able to crate your account easily.

Or, you can provide information manually.

After that you will be asked to choose a account plan. Here you’ll get a 4 types of yearly plan 1,2,3 and 5 years. As you go for more year you will be charged lesser. So, my recommendation is to take at least of 36 month plan.

how to start a blog to make money step 5 bluehost package information

Now, at last, you have to pay the amount to start your blog journey. Enter your valid credit card number. If you have no credit card number then click on “more payment option”. Here you will get payment method through Paypal. After that click on the checkbox to agree with Bluehost Terms and Condition. Finally, click on the Submit” button to proceed further.

Once you have submitted your billing information Bluehost ask you to upgrade or may ask to add some special offer. So, don’t select anything just skip all by clicking skip button.

After that you will be asked to set up password for Bluehost account. So, click on the login button.

Bluehost shows you free WordPress theme. These themes are not very good. So, I recommend you to skip this step. You can install any theme later. So, don’t get confused and skip this step for later.

Now, click on the “Start building button” to open WordPress.

After clicking “Start Building” button your Bluehost account is completely set up and WordPress is installed automatically. Now we proceed to the next step.

Get Started With WordPress Setting 

WordPress is a powerful platform for beginner to the high level blogger and big company like BBC America, The New York Time, etc. Here, you come to know the actual reality of WordPress. You feel very easy to modify and design your themes.

Now before going to write any post you must have to configure some important settings.

Your WordPress Dashboard something look like this:-

In the left section you will be provided with all the tools required to construct your site. Don’t get confused we’ll discuss everything step-by-step. Now you should fall in love with this dashboard because your most of time will spend here.

Change Your Username 

Username is something which is used to login your WordPress account. By default WordPress provide administrator username as “Admin”.

Username is very important part in hacking any WordPress site. So, every Hacker think that the newly site can have the username “Admin” and they can hack your site. So, I recommend you to change it.

To change your username go to:

Users -> All Users

When you click over “All Users” button the screen might look like this:

Now, in this page you see a username. In this username section click on the “Admin” then all the details will be opened to edit it yourself.

Let us discuss something about the user given here. Users in WordPress is same as we see in our Computer. Different users can be added for different work. For example, if I want someone to write a blog in my site then I can add a username for this person. You can manage the features that the person need.

Install a Theme:

Theme is the thing which appear when someone visit your site. To install a new theme , hover over the “Appearance” in the left sidebar of your dashboard. After that click on the “Theme”.

Here, you will see WordPress has already installed a theme called “Twenty Nineteen” theme.

Don’t worry instead of it we can add more other themes. Click on “Add New” button after that you will see lots of attractive themes.

Select one theme if you like any one of them or you can filter your theme search. Using “Featured Filter” button you can search according to different categories.

Three options are available to narrow your search i.e., “Subject”, “Features” and “Layout”. In this way you can target your choice directly.

After applying theme filter you will get lots of awesome free theme based on your interest.

After searching lots of themes when you find the perfect theme that suites your niche and style click on it. It will sow you a preview the preview may not looks the same. You can customize it later so don’t shy. Click on “Install” button. Once the installation process is completed click on “Activate” button.

All these themes are free to use. Free themes have some limitations and it can create some hurdle. For example, a link will appear in the footer section of the theme provider. But it is not a big problem, lots of bloggers use free them. If you want to buy the premium then just visit the link provided with the theme.

Instead of this you can buy form lots of them provide by different big companies like.

  • Themfores.
  • Elegant Themes.
  • StudioPress.
  • Thrive Themes.

We have selected our favorite theme and activated it. Now, we will customize this theme to look beautiful.

Customize your WordPress blog

Customization is one of the most powerful tool to implement various features in you site. Customization allows us to design header and footer easily based on plugins we use.

Here, In the left sidebar is used to build site identity, menu bar, etc. Sidebar may vary according to theme you use but almost you will get them same process.

Site identity is used to name you site and tagline even you can upload you logo from “Site Identity“. When you all done with all maintenance click on the “Publish” button given at left top corner of web page.

Setup Search Engine Optimization of Search Traffic

Search engine optimization is something with which you can make billion dollar. SEO makes you site to rank in search engine for a specific keyword or phrases. It creates a real relation between readers and your blog.

WordPress allows you to easily optimize you site in search engine. Writing a blog is also important aspect of SEO. So, using plugin in WordPress you can write a good SEO friendly blog to rank faster.

One of the popular plugin that are used for SEO is Yoast SEO.

To install this plugin hover over the “Plugin” menu on the left sidebar and then click “Add New”.

After that search Yoast SEO in search bar then you see a Yoast plugin at the first position. Click install button after that click activate after installation is completed.

Now, it’s time to setup Yoast SEO plugin setting. After successfully activated you will be provided with a separate SEO button on the left side of dashboard.

To get indexed in different search engine you have to connect your search webmaster tool with verification code. Here, Yoast SEO provide three popular Search Engine to get you site indexed. To do SEO for Google search engine click on “Google Search Console” hyperlink. This will take you to Google Webmaster Tool page. To get verification code login with your email and then fill all the required option asked. The dashboard of Yoast SEO make vary with your dashboard because Yoast SEO community keep updating with latest new features.

Now, after connecting with all search engines you have to to features setting. This setting is very important to allow Yoast to do a particular work. Turn on all the setting as mentioned in the screenshot. Yoast allow to generate sitemap also but you can use other plugin for sitemap. You can use either Yoast sitemap or other but not both. So, make sure that you have turned “XML Sitemap” of if you are using other plugin. When you all done with these setting click on “Save Changes” button.

Write Your First Blog Post

Now, it’s time to start writing. There are lots of builder plugin available to write and design you blog post such as Elementer, Beaver Builder, etc. but I recommend you to not use these builder for you blog post writing. Use default editor by WordPress. To start new post writing hover over post on left sidebar and then click on “Add New” button.

Now, you will come to the editor section and it look like this:

Click the plus sign give at the top left corner to extend the writing tools. Here, you will get lots of features to add in you blog such as Image, Forms, Lists, etc.

Before going to start writing you must have to write a title of the blog. You may write it later but it look good and to manage permalink of this post. Without title blog can’t be published.

Writing a blog post is one of the most important in your blog career. The value of content will decide you visitors about how long they stay. Writing also affects the SEO of your blog. To get ranked properly in search engine you must have to write SEO friendly blog post. Yoast SEO provide a real time analysis of you blog SEO.

Make sure to edit snippet before publish. Your aim should to achieve the green line while writing snippet.

After that check focus keyphrase and try to achieve maximum green dots. It is not necessary to achieve 100%. Achieving 80% will be great result.

You have seen somewhere in other’s blog post that a image appear at first. It looks very much impressive. To do that you have to use featured image. Go to “Featured Image” option at the right side of your dashboard then click on “Set featured image”.

When you all done with these things hit “Publish” button to make you blog live.

As you are beginner you may fell discomfort sometime but your hard work will worth one day. Some people stop blogging due to lave of visitors. People will reach you blog when they found helpful article. Try to discuss the people’s need.

These are all my experience and if you fell and confusion and want to learn more fell free to ask in the comment section.

Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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