Your relationship to the written word

 your relationship to the written word

Proofread paper also including teacher instructions Short Essay #2 Instructions: For this essay, you be writing a short literacy narrative, similar to Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me.” You may not have been reading Grapes of Wrath in kindergarten or grown up on an Indian reservation, but you have a story to tell about your relationship to reading the written word. What do you remember about learning to read? Did you grow up in a household with lots of books? Do you like to read or is reading a ‘school chore?’ These are not discrete questions to answer but just something to get you thinking. Think about the types of books or stories you enjoy, in or out of this class, and write about why you enjoy them. This is a 1-2 page short essay and should include a thesis statement, strong, unified paragraphs, and a conclusion that leaves the reader with an idea of your relationship to the written word.

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