Written Communication

Written Communication

Teachers use many forms of written communication throughout the day to communicate to their
students, students’ parents, colleagues, administrators, and even other external stakeholders.
Take this opportunity to explore one particular form of written communication used by teachers
that interests you, perhaps one that you would like to learn more about to use in y

Research and evaluate one form of written communication, with the exception of email or
classroom newsletters. Be sure to answer all of the prompts provided and properly cite your
sources within the text and in your reference page. Your paper should be formatted to current
APA writing style (title page, page numbers, reference page, etc.) with at least two meaningful
in-text citations. The paper should be 450-500 words, not including the title page and reference
Begin to stretch yourself as a scholarly writer by avoiding personal pronouns (I, we, you, us,
etc.), contractions, and hypothetical questions. Instead, write objectively with clear and concise

 Provide an introduction to this form of communication.
o What is it?
o What is the purpose of it?
o Who is the audience?
o How is it most frequently used/
 Identify the strenghs and weaknesses of this form of communication.
 Explain whether this is an effective form of written communication.
 Describe how this form of written communication can effectively be used in the

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