Writing Assignment #1

Police Officers and Crimes

Below are the instructions for this assignement:

Please write a 3-5 page paper answering the following question: Are street-level bureaucrats “de facto policy makers” (Lipsky 2010, 24)?

To successfully complete this assignment, you are expected to:

  • Choose 1 contemporary public issue or public problem (e.g., crime, educational inequalities, housing shortages);
  • identify 1 type of street-level bureaucrat tasked with implementing policies related to the contemporary public issue (e.g., police officers, teachers, social workers);
  • discuss and explain why street-level bureaucracy theory applies in this context;
  • discuss and analyze whether your chosen street-level bureaucrat operates as a de facto policy maker in your chosen policy area; and
  • discuss and explain how the use of discretion impacts the contemporary public issue or implementation of the policy.

This assignment requires outside research and application of assigned course materials.  Please note that you are not limited to the examples of issues or street-level bureaucrats that are provided in these instructions.  A strong paper will discuss alternative policy solutions or outcomes using real-world evidence and examples.  These examples should be documented through sources and should not reflect personal experiences.

The grading rubric is below:

Writing Assessments: General Instructions

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