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writers choice

Directions: Essay 3/Argument-Research


To engage in the most common type of academic writing, the argument or persuasive essay employing research (i.e. this is still not a report, a mere gathering of facts, but a thesis driven paper). This type of paper requires writers to bring in a deep body of evidence to support their argument (thesis).

Rhetoric—the art of argument—is characteristic of academic discourse and useful in the professional world. Real world application (more): the ability to get others to consider your viewpoint or persuade them to take action, in writing or speech, to adopt your views is crucial in the professional workplace (for instance, you may have to persuade your boss not to fire you if your company is rightsizing).

The ability to conduct research and find credible support is a useful skill personally and professionally as is the ability to effectively argue one’s point using logic and evidence. Additionally, while researching, a writer furthers their own knowledge concerning their topic.


Select any topic you wish (as long as it is not one already listed as verboten), and write an argument or persuasion essay (i.e. with either choice, you need to construct a thesis with a clear argument—this is not a report) of 1,250 words incorporating outside research, properly cited.

NOTE: The works cited page does not count toward the total.


  • 1,250 words: if you come in under, that will be deducted from your grade as a percentage.
  • MLA Citations:

o MLA Citations = 1) In-text, AND 2) Works Cited Page

• Sources: 4 minimum
o Do more than the minimum if you are aiming for an “A”; just the minimum

will drop you one full grade.
o 2 Required Sources: One of each (you can use more than one of each, but you

must have at least one of each; your essay will drop a full grade for each missing required source).

  1. 1 Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed, Academic) Journal Article
  2. 1 Nonfiction book by an expert

o All sources must be credible: see lesson in module on what that means.

1. Be cautious when using .com, .net, .org and do not use general encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia) or English language dictionaries, such as Merriam-Webster.


NOTE: All sources must be credible, so you need to establish that. “When in doubt, throw it out” is the safest way to go as if I doubt a source, it will not count toward your total.
An example of credibility: spca.org is credible yet peta.org is not. Two sources concerned with the same issue—one credible, one not.


  • Third person point-of-view only, just as in your previous essay.
  • Block Quote: You may use one of the minimum length. Make sure you know whatthe MLA expects in a block quote as it dictates when you must use one as well as what the format (look) of a block quote should be—if your quote is too long and should be blocked, that is a problem; if your quote is too short and you blocked it, that is also an issue.
  • Scan ALL Text Based Sources and Send Them to Me: If you have a smart phone, you have a scanner.o Only scan and send pages in the documents you actually drew quotes and paraphrases from, but scan the whole page.o Highlight the quotes and paraphrases you used on those pages. o To Get Them to Me:
    1. You may E-mail them to me as an attachment.
    2. Also, you can include them at the end of your paper, after the workscited page, if you wish.
  • Upload your essay on Blackboard.
  • Suggestion: Use these directions as a checklist as you read over the what you think is the best draft of your essay, before you upload it, to make sure you meet all the requirements (and did not do anything under “Must Avoid” below).MUST AVOID:
  • Missing or mismatched in-text citations and works cited page entries.
  • MLA citations (either in-text citations or works cited page entries) that completelymiss the mark (i.e. demonstrating little familiarity with the MLA).
  • Using ANY sources that fall outside the pyramid of credibility, that are not credible.
  • Using a general encyclopedia or dictionary as a source.
  • First person p.o.v. (point-of-view).
  • Contractions and slang
  • Verboten Topics: Because they are hackneyed, not because they are controversial. I

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