Where to locate water valves in your home

Where to locate water valves in your home

Intro:  Knowing where your main water shutoff is can save you quite a bit of stress if your home starts to leak or experiences a pipe burst 

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To close the gap in the pipe, look for a knob beneath the toilet or sink and turn it to the right. It’s similar to how you’d discover the valve on a washing machine: look beneath it. Finally, the water heater’s switch can be either above or below it, but make sure you know which model you have and that you have the appropriate valve.

 Finding the main shutoff 

The main water shutoff is most likely located along the home’s perimeter, so check along the exterior walls of the house’s lowest storey frequently. If everything else fails, locate the water metre.

Conclusion Hopefully you have enough time to shut it off before you get a flood and you can call a plumber. When water damage becomes a risk, every second counts.

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