What do they mean for Ong and this theory?

COMM 200 Midterm

Section 1: Definitions and Short Answers (5pts)

1. Pick three of the terms below. Using one or two quotes from Ong and one or two of your own sentences, define the terms as Ong uses them in the book (you may use more sentences if you deem it necessary – but don’t make the definition unwieldy). What do they mean for Ong and this theory? Do not pick terms that are too similar (Don’t pick Orality and Oral/Aural). Similar words are offered in order to give you options of terms that vary slightly.

Orality Literacy Sensorium
Word-as-Event Silence Interior
Subjectivity Objectivity Visual/Visualise
Oral/Aural Analytics/Analysis Synthetic/Synthesis
Typographic Man Technological Man Preliterate Man
Global Village Post-Gutenberg Chirographic/Typographic Control
Individual/Individualism Authority Script/Text

Rhetoric Dialectic Grammar

1. Pick two more terms (not on the list above and not a sense term, see next question) that you feel are important for Ong and that interest you. Define them as you did the terms above.

1. Pick one of the senses other than hearing or seeing. Using one quote and one sentence of your own construction, describe its contribution to our understanding of the world according to Ong.

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What do they mean for Ong and this theory


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