How Has Social Networking Changed How We Relate to One Another?

Research Paper

Final Argument Essay

You have already written an analytical comparison of two articles from one of the casebooks in your Current Issues text. For this final essay of the semester, please choose an article from Part 4 (“Occasions for Debate”) or Part 5 (“Casebooks”) in the back of our Current Issues textbook, excluding the selection on higher education. You may choose any article that interests you, but it should not be a selection we have already discussed in class. To this article, please add four outside sources that you have found through library and internet research. Be sure that these sources are authoritative and credible! You will then analyze and evaluate the arguments that you find in your five sources.

Finally, based on your own reading and interpretation of these sources, you will present your own argument about the issue in question. Throughout your paper, be sure to distinguish between your own opinions and those of the authors of the sources you have consulted.

Debate/Casebook Sections

Here is a list of debate/casebook sections in Current Issues from which you may choose a research topic and one source for your paper. (Please note that visual sources may not be used to substitute for articles.):

13: Student Loans: Should Some Indebtedness Be Forgiven?

14: Are Algorithms Biased (Or Are We)?

15: (Us)safe Spaces: Can We Tolerate Intolerant Speech on Campus?

16: The Current State of Childhood: Is “Helicopter Parenting” or “Free-Range Childhood” Better for Kids?

17: Genetic Modification of Human Beings: Is It Acceptable?

18: Mandatory Military Service: Should It Be Required?

20: Race and Police Violence: How Do We Solve the Problem?

21: The Ethics of Appropriation: Is It OK to Copy?

22. Online versus IRL: How Has Social Networking Changed How We Relate to One Another?

23: Immigration: What Is to Be Done?

24: #MeToo: (How) Has Society Changed for Women?

25: American Democracy: Is Our Nation in Danger?

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How Has Social Networking Changed How We Relate to One Another


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