The Script of Rant Video: Occupation and Gender

The Script of Rant Video: Occupation and Gender

1 Topic: Occupation and Gender

2 Create the message you want to convey to others regarding this topic. Here are a few examples I have generated to demonstrate what I mean by ‘the message’:

Ø how important it is to incorporate self-care in everything you do

Ø why it is important to critically examine your assumptions regarding individuals or groups that are dissimilar to yourself

Ø ways that we can tackle the stigma of mental health and be more supportive

Ø how gender and sexuality differ and why this is important to understand

3 Build a script that provides the context and/or description of what is currently happening, regarding your topic and message, and what you feel (strongly) needs to change. What does this new change/vision bring to society? What evidence can you cite/share that gives your argument credibility? How will society benefit from your ‘new way of being’ (e.g., open-minded, accepting) or ‘becoming’ (e.g., an ally, an advocate, a listener)?

4 Videotape yourself (or have someone be camera-operator), as Rick Mercer does, monologuing your thoughts and/or script as if you are speaking to a group of people who are unaware, apathetic, naïve, or doubters of your topic and/or message.


Ø The video must be between 2:00 mins in length.

Ø  The content of your video should be organized, interesting and build a story from your topic, to your message, to your evidence, to why this is important and how society will benefit if they follow your advice; or how we will continue to harm each other and Mother Earth if we continue the way we are, and don’t change.

Ø Label your video with your first and last name

*Please check the Rubric before start the writing. I also upload course materials about “Occupation and Gender” into the file box to help write the script.

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