What should we do or Is police violence ever morally justified?

Final Essay For your final exam, you are going to write either one long essay using all six theories or six short essays, one for each theory. You have a choice of issues: either ethical issues surrounding Covid-19 or ethical issues regarding police violence. I have provided two articles on these topics. They are merely … Read More

How Has Social Networking Changed How We Relate to One Another?

Research Paper Final Argument Essay You have already written an analytical comparison of two articles from one of the casebooks in your Current Issues text. For this final essay of the semester, please choose an article from Part 4 (“Occasions for Debate”) or Part 5 (“Casebooks”) in the back of our Current Issues textbook, excluding … Read More

How does King make his case that he’s not an “extremist” in para. 27?

Question Directions: Read “Letter From Birmingham Jail”, paragraphs 26-50, and upload your answers to any two of the following questions. Full text of “Letter From Birmingham Jail” : Letter From Birmingham Jail(2).pdf 1) (please refer to paragraphs 27-31) How does King make his case that he’s not an “extremist” in para. 27? What point is … Read More

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