In your essay, you will need to cite the YouTube video you are analyzing

YouTube Demonstration Speech Video Review Topic/Description: Provide a critical review of a YouTube Demonstration video. Purpose & Audience: For this assignment, you will select and view a YouTube Demonstration. Choose one of the following videos: Making a gift basket How to make frozen hot chocolate How to do the Charleston (dance) You will then write … Read More

What is the main issue discussed in the video.

English assignment Watch the video. Take notes as you watch the video (notes must include direct quotes from the video, an outline of the main ideas and how they are related to each other, and your own comments or reactions to the content of the video). Focus on these questions: What is the main issue … Read More

What is the key argument of the speaker.

Question Watch the Video of the Ted Talk. What is the key argument of the speaker? How does he support his conclusion? Add a personal anecdote. Image preview for”what is the key argument of the speaker.” MLA 352 words Click the purchase button to get full answer.

What does China get from it, including the “String of Pearls” theory?

Question First Watch ( and discuss China’s influence, involvement, and/or impact today in regards to each of the following regions: 1. Africa 2. Latin America 3. The Arctic 4. Space 5. The World Then Watch: Khan Academy: “Early Silk Road” (6:53) at Early Silk Road | World History | Khan Academy (Links to an external … Read More

What scene in the film made the strongest impression on you?

Book / Movie Review See the film Shattered Glass (Lionsgate, 2004). You should be able to find the film online on Youtube Movies (free with ads), Amazon (often free with ads if you are an Amazon Prime member, otherwise $4), or on DVD.   Important: You must include a screenshot of the movie and indicate the … Read More

What images are highlighted or focused on?

Part One Directions 1) Please read the background readings, for important information about topics that Beyoncé seems to be referring to in this video: Formation background readings.docx Some images in the video seem to refer to the setting in New Orleans (where the video was filmed), especially during Hurricane Katrina; to the Black Lives Matter … Read More

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