Protected Health Information (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Best

Protected Health Information (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality BestPractices Prepare a 2-page interprofessional staff update on HIPAA and appropriate socialmedia use in health care.As you begin to consider the assessment, it would be an excellent choice to complete the Breach ofProtected Health Information (PHI) activity. The will support your success with the assessment bycreating the … Read More

Did the movie accurately portray the historical figures and events?

Historical Film Paper: The Majestic I. Introduction Name of Film Time Period Is it based on a true story or a work of fiction based on the historical time period? When was the film released? Minutes of the film II. Summary of Film (1 paragraph) Main Characters Conflict Ending III. Historical Accuracy of Film (Refer … Read More

What do I, or can I, know about the artist?

Journal I need you to review this journal for me. here are the notes from my professor about these three poems: Many of us have experienced the joy of looking at a work of visual art: a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a photograph. We ask it questions. What are you telling me? Is there … Read More

Does the presentation explain the topic thoroughly and supplemental explanation provided where needed?

Presentation Assignment You are to choose a recent research article relevant to human physiology, record it, and submit a presentation on it. Possible sources NPR Scholar.Google NCBI/NIH Must include Facilities involved Primary author/research Background of the problem, purpose, etc. The general idea of methods/how the research was done The next step for the project/research … Read More

This statement asserts that it is impossible to separate what is technological from what is cultural when analyzing a significant invention.

Describe how the invention illustrates the notion of “technocultural innovation Choose one of the following examples. [Printing Press / The cinema / The phonograph / The telegraph / Video Game Console]. Drawing on the modules, describe how the invention illustrates the notion of “technocultural innovation.” Throughout the course, we have considered many examples that illustrate … Read More

What environmental cues will you use to get your audience’s attention?

AR/VR SCRIPT ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Write a script (fiction or creative non-fiction) for either Augmented or Virtual Reality that addresses the criteria, outlined below: NOTE: Your script will be loosely inspired by the concept of family. Assignment 1 in its totality will be 1500 words (typed, double spaced, 12-pt font). Worth 20 points in “Main Assignments” … Read More

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