What are your academic and/or professional career goals?

Personal Statement for a research program (ADMISSION LETTER) Writing Prompt: Personal Statement The personal statement is to be between 800- 1,500 words. It is your opportunity to showcase your skills and qualifications pertaining to the fellowship and answer the following questions: a. What are your academic and/or professional career goals? b. Why do you want … Read More

Identify how functioning has been impaired socially, occupationally, academically and behaviorally and relate to emotional distress

Crisis Intervention Chapter 3: The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention A – Developing and Maintaining Rapport • Developing and maintaining contact • Basic attending skills • Follow the client and build rapport Basic Attending Skills Attending behaviors: • Eye contact • Warmth • Body posture • Vocal style • Verbal following • Overall empathy (focus … Read More

What do you think of this video and why do you think that way?

Question 1 Go to: https://www.ft.com/video/83703ffe-cd5c-4591-9b4f-a3c087aa6d19 This is a video of a Bar Chart Racing showing the most populous cities through time. Watch the video (you might need to enlarge it), there is sound and a transcript. Part One: Critically analyze the video and the information it shows. Think about what you have learned in this … Read More

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