This assignment should allow you to apply the concepts to scenes you see in the movie.

Book / Movie Review Extra Credit Assignment: Movie Night – 20 points • Save your document as follows: Aging_Your First Name_Last Name_ExtraCreditAssignment Example: Aging_Carrie_Watson_ExtraCreditAssignment • Include a title page that is in APA format (not included in the word count). • Make sure to write in complete and clear sentences. • Writing quality, punctuation, and … Read More

What new ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc. did you learn in your watching?

Writing about Mondovino (2004) Documentary and Rhetorical Analysis Instructions A. Go to the link below to understand some vocabularies in filmmaking B. Watch the Mondovino documentary Your overall goal is to describe the filmmaker’s main points and evidence for their main points in your own words and then write your own personal views … Read More

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