Module 1 Journal Assignment: Childhood Memory Module 1

Module 1 Journal Assignment: Childhood Memory Think of a specific memory from your childhood. Briefly describe the event or experience. (1 paragraph) STEP 2: Analyze the experience using two of the developmental theories from the chapter: , psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, or evolutionary. Use appropriate vocabulary for each theory. Add supporting evidence from your text. Describe how … Read More

Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York

Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York I need at least 10 pages on the topic of Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York, I have about 6 pages written already and most of the annotated bibliography done. I need it done by the end of today if possible. ASA or … Read More

Beyoncé Formation

Beyoncé Formation  Please read the background readings, for important information about topics that Beyoncé seems to be referrring to in this video: Formation background readings.docx  Some images in the video seem to refer to the setting in New Orleans (where the video was filmed), especially during Hurricane Katrina; to the Black Lives Matter movement; to the … Read More

Learning/Communication Theory Order 

Learning/Communication Theory Order  Writer may choose either option #1 or #2 Option #1 In retrospect, the reaction of the public to a 2017 Dove soap advertisement and Unilever’s apology as told in Humphries-Kil’s (2019) case are both expected and shocking. First, provide a detailed overview of the case. Then, using a learning theory lens, dissect … Read More

Ted Talk

Ted Talk View the Happiness Advantage Ted Talk (12:13 Mins) blob: Read PP 1- 36 of the The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work, Shawn Achor pick three of the extracts below from the reading and Ted Talk and post one paragraph for each extract. In … Read More

College Composition unit 9 assignment

College Composition unit 9 assignment College Composition unit 9 assignment Your words are powerful and can be an agent for change. In Unit 4, your words helped nonprofessionals to address a problem they are trying to deal with; In Unit 6 and 8, your words helped academics and experts to understand the cause or effect … Read More


BOOK REVIEW You have selected one of the designated books to read. You will now write a book review thatexpresses your motivation for selecting the particular book, the impression the book made on you,information from another external, reliable source that either corroborates or contradicts the book,and how or why this book will or will not … Read More

Paper 1 Rough Draft

Paper 1 Rough Draft This 800-1,000 word paper asks you to close read and analyze TWO of the first three assigned texts we examine in this course (treat texts 3a and 3b as separate here). Choose ONE prompt option and follow the instructions on the following page. Prompts: Option One: What is the primary consequence … Read More

 Your relationship to the written word

 your relationship to the written word Proofread paper also including teacher instructions Short Essay #2 Instructions: For this essay, you be writing a short literacy narrative, similar to Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me.” You may not have been reading Grapes of Wrath in kindergarten or grown up on an Indian reservation, but you have a … Read More

Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change Complete the below reading assignments after you finish reading Chapter 2. Respond in the order presented below in one document to be submitted here (MLA formatting required). Part A: Ch. 2 Activity: Writing a Letter to a Specific Audience Go to Chapter 2.6: Exercises and Activities in our digital text. Click through … Read More

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