Does the subject eat fortified foods?

Nutritional Analysis Interview Brief Description You will survey 1 person and write a report based on the findings. Data may be collected through informal interviews or questionnaires. You will post the data AND your summary of findings to Discussion Board Forum 1. Details The first part of this assignment is the survey. (It is to … Read More

Complete a nutritional assessment on this patient.

CASE STUDY #2 1. Develop a nutritional problem list (2 problems) for this patient in the order of highest to least priority (10 points) 2. Complete a calorie count based on the 24-hour recall (8 points) 3. Complete a nutritional assessment on this patient. This includes anthropometric, dietary, and biochemical parameters. Include estimates of Kcal, … Read More

Explain the scientific rationale for a prescribed diet

Nutrition protein-restricted diet Teaching Project Guidelines Purpose: The purpose of the patient/family teaching project is to develop and implement a teaching plan for a geriatric patient utilizing teaching-learning principles. Objectives: By the conclusion of the presentation, the students will be able to: State the various indications for a specified diet Explain the scientific rationale for a … Read More

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