Survey For this assignment, you are asked to develop and conduct a short survey asking 3-4 clothingconsumers (your friends, colleagues, relatives) questions about how sustainability affects theirclothing choices and purchases, and how they get rid of clothing they no longer want. Do they buyproducts that are made from organic, eco-friendly, or biodegradable textiles? Do they … Read More

How has Covid-19 changed how YOU learn?

ENG 102 Final The topic: “How has Covid-19 changed how YOU learn?” I’m not asking how it changed your education, but that should certainly be considered. I’m not asking if you like online learning, but that’s our medium, it’s something to be considered. I’m not asking if it did you well or did you dirty, … Read More

How clear is the Phan, Linh T., et al., (2019) article title?

Article Review Identify Article Components (sections) Summary Worksheet 100 points Name: Article 1:Read the JSPN article, How to Read a Research Article by Diane Hudson-Barr (2004) that is found in the Mod 1 assignment directions. After reading Hudson-Barr‘s article, answer the “In general” questions below. Explain your answers in 1-3 sentences below each question Article … Read More

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