What is social justice?

Question 1. Why are you enrolled in this course? What do you expect to learn? 2. What is social justice? Respond in your own words! Identify and explore three prospective topics to explore for a term project and class discussion. 3. Write a complete autobiography. Include family members, previous schooling, courses at NJCU, likes/dislikes, etc. … Read More

Explain the merits of a theory-based treatment plan.

Treatment plan You must write and develop your treatment plan before you complete your role-play. You will be using your treatment plan in your role-play so it is essential that you write it up before interviewing your role-play client. You will be submitting your treatment plan in module 6. In this assignment, you will be … Read More

What is a Social Media Information System (SMIS)?

Question Briefly answer the following questions. Your answers must be inspired from Chapter9 of the textbook but crafted by your own words (i.e., avoid copying/pasting from the textbook, PowerPoint presentation, or any other resources on the Internet). Each question has 5 points, a total of 20 points. 1. What is Social Media? What is a … Read More

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