What skills can your child display?

Question Review your toddler report card for the following categories: health, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and cognitive/language development.  Summarize your child’s overall progress; describe specific progress in two of these areas; what skills can your child display?  For what areas is your child on track?  Are there any areas that … Read More

What does this reading contribute to our semester-long conversation?

Book/Movie Review Metacognitive Reading Log Text: ____________________________ Author: __________________________________ Chapter(s): ________________________ Pages: ___________________________________ Complete as you read the text. Page   # Important Ideas,   Challenging Passages,  and Confusing Text  (Record the first two words  and the last two words of  the passage.) My Thoughts, Feelings, Questions, Connections to My Life and/or Other Texts   … Read More

Why did you choose what you chose?

ANTIGONE Why did you choose what you chose? What did you expect to learn? What did you, in fact, learn? What is your assessment of what you did? How well did you achieve your goal? What grade would you assign to your project? Why? Image preview for”why did you choose what you chose?” APA 1445 … Read More

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