A Love Story” by Filmmaker Michael Moore?

Discussion post After reading chapter Ten and viewing the above films, discuss the following questions: What do you think is the basic premise of the movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story” by Filmmaker Michael Moore? On the whole, Americans strongly believe in the system of capitalism, why do you believe that is the case? In the … Read More

Andrew Jackson is a highly controversial president why do you believe that is?

Discussion: Age of Jackson, Slavery Watch 3 films and read 2 transcripts of other 2fims and answer the 5 questions. Film 1 The Unfinished Nation-Legacy Of An Autocratic Ruler (around 27 min) www.esperanzahs.net/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=33097 Film 2 Slavery and The South (The Unfinished Nation-Master and Slave)( around 27 min) www.esperanzahs.net/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=33558 Film 3 The Unfinished Nation-Voices of Reform(around … Read More

Identify how functioning has been impaired socially, occupationally, academically and behaviorally and relate to emotional distress

Crisis Intervention Chapter 3: The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention A – Developing and Maintaining Rapport • Developing and maintaining contact • Basic attending skills • Follow the client and build rapport Basic Attending Skills Attending behaviors: • Eye contact • Warmth • Body posture • Vocal style • Verbal following • Overall empathy (focus … Read More

This assignment should allow you to apply the concepts to scenes you see in the movie.

Book / Movie Review Extra Credit Assignment: Movie Night – 20 points • Save your document as follows: Aging_Your First Name_Last Name_ExtraCreditAssignment Example: Aging_Carrie_Watson_ExtraCreditAssignment • Include a title page that is in APA format (not included in the word count). • Make sure to write in complete and clear sentences. • Writing quality, punctuation, and … Read More

My topic is an adventure.

Adventure My topic is an adventure. I like movies and shows that are action and adventure. Sources of Information can be taken from Books, Journals, Magazines, Academic Studies, Films, TV, Radio, Newspapers. Documentaries, Interviews, and Only Two Website Source Links. See the files below for extra instruction. Critical-Essay-Cinema-docx (1) Image preview for”my topic is an … Read More

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