Summary Response

Summary Response Paper 1 – Summary Response [delete and use creative title]In a 2010 “Focus on Feed” podcast, Ruchi Sanghvi said the purpose of thealgorithm behind Facebook’s News Feed was meant to “separate the signal from thenoise.” In our current media culture, information swirls around us at a dizzying pace, andas responsible participants, we must … Read More

Discussion Post

Photography Respond to the post of at least two candidates. Select those who have not yet received a response. comment on the changes they are making. Have you made similar changes? Can you see how these changes may help to achieve a cleaner artistic intent? Do you have any suggestions? Answer Preview APA Format, 293 … Read More

Journal Question Homework

Journal Question Homework 250 words minimum What are some obstacles to mindful listening? Answer Preview APA Format, 311 words

TED Talk Communication

TED Talk Communication TED (Producer). (2019). TEDTalks: Samy nour tounes – A short history of trans people’s long fight for equality [Video]. transcript for this video can be found by clicking the “Transcript” tab to the right of the video in the Films on Demand database.Next, write a paper that addresses the information below.In your … Read More


Sociology Module Discussion: Chinese soft power in filmMedia Studies 160: International MediaApplication Module: Soft Power and Chinese MediaOverviewPreviously in class, we studied propagandistic and diplomatic uses of international media during the World Wars and the Cold War. International radio explicitly promoted government-approved messages. Nye’s notion of Soft Power examined how nations also lead by the … Read More

English composition

English composition For the third paper of this course, you’ll have to work on your persuasion skills. The interesting thing about this paper is that you have possibly already gotten your topic of this paper. At the end of the previous classification and division assignment, you had to tell me which of the three things … Read More

Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform For this assignment you will investigate social media publics relations (PR) campaign by an organization. some example of the platforms are linked in, Twitter, Facebook , Goggle +, pint rest and YouTube. the organization can be local to your area. in this assignment yo will have to include the following componnet a) … Read More

Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection Please see the instructions attached. I am asking that you make an outline of the video/speech and I will record it. This is a follow-up assignment from the previous order that you did for me. I can provide that last order number in the chat if you accept this … Read More

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