Create a formal slide presentation with speaker notes that showcases and supports your strategic recommendations for the company.

EHP1 — EHP1 TASK 3 BUSINESS STRATEGY — C714 Strategy Formulation The graduate applies strategic thinking to formulate a strategic plan. Organizational Environment The graduate analyzes the organizational environment that supports the implementation of a strategic plan. SCENARIO EZ-Pleeze management has tasked you with preparing a presentation for senior executives based on the work you … Read More

Provides an explanation of how a company can use diversification to create or compound a competitive advantage for its business units.

DIVERSIFICATION ASSIGNMENT Week 6 Assignment To access to Week 6 Virtual session, go to Blackboard Collaborate and watch it from there. Read chapter 8 “Corporate Strategy: Diversification and the multibusiness company”. Chapter 8 moves up one level in the strategy-making hierarchy, from strategy making in a single business enterprise to strategy making in a diversified … Read More