Social media

Social media Briefly answer the following questions. Your answers must be inspired from Chapter 9 of the textbookbut crafted by your own words (i.e., avoid copy/paste from the textbook, PowerPoint presentation, orany other resources on the Internet). Each question has 5 points, total of 20 points. How do you develop an effective SMIS that is … Read More

Personal Analysis: I Am a Pioneer

Personal Analysis: I Am a Pioneer This assignment provides an opportunity for you to use your imagination and the historical facts discussed in Module 1 and Module 2 readings. Imagine yourself as an early aviation pioneer, it can be in any aspect of aviation you chose (Examples: an engineer, pilot, business owner, mechanic, etc.). You … Read More

Project Risk and Contingency Reserves

Project Risk and Contingency Reserves define project risk and contigency reserves differentiate between schedule and cost estimation to project risk evaluate how risk management affects project outcomes determine how cost estimates impacts project risks Answer Preview APA FORMAT, 1172 WORDS


Tania Answer questions as if Tania was working in a medical office what steps would she take : As Tania reviews the checks for deposit she realizes that one of the checks collected for patient co payment is post dated two days in advance. the office has a clear policy regarding not accepting postdated checks. The … Read More

Real Estate

Real Estate In a five- to seven-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), analyze the financial and cost considerations to be included in the development of your Final Paper–a strategic real estate business plan–by considering, in detail, all revenues and costs involved in the startup and ongoing operations of a real estate-based business. … Read More

 When Social Issues Become Strategic

 When Social Issues Become Strategic For this assignment, you will read a case entitled Goedehoop: When Social Issues Become Strategic. Then you will answer the following questions about the company’s responsibility regarding a social issue: Your answer to each question should be about one paragraph long (3-4 sentences). Answer Preview APA Format, 576 words


Discussion Review the financial projections template and template guide you on Which parts were useful to join in developing your financial projections? Why do you think the financial projections are usually completed at the end of the business plan? To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document. Answer Preview APA Format, 324 words

Quantitative Methods and Research

Quantitative Methods and Research Please describe the concept and provide an example of the Economic Order Quantity PlannedShortage Model. Answer Preview APA Format, 304 words

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