Drone  Applications of these Drone technology in organizations (provide real case implementations in orgnization) you can use those topics or/with othoers from your side:: Warehouse operation: Drone Applications in Military: Uses of Drone in Media Answer Preview

Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York

Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York I need at least 10 pages on the topic of Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York, I have about 6 pages written already and most of the annotated bibliography done. I need it done by the end of today if possible. ASA or … Read More

Beyoncé Formation

Beyoncé Formation  Please read the background readings, for important information about topics that Beyoncé seems to be referrring to in this video: Formation background readings.docx  Some images in the video seem to refer to the setting in New Orleans (where the video was filmed), especially during Hurricane Katrina; to the Black Lives Matter movement; to the … Read More


BOOK REVIEW You have selected one of the designated books to read. You will now write a book review thatexpresses your motivation for selecting the particular book, the impression the book made on you,information from another external, reliable source that either corroborates or contradicts the book,and how or why this book will or will not … Read More

Book Review

Book Review Please write a (3-5 pg.) book review/reflection around one of the following questions.You may find it necessary to support your perspective to one question with ideas that relate tothe other questions; however, do not try to answer every question. Make sure you are usingsufficient evidence from the book. Answer Preview

What is being done about drug use among the youth population?

What is being done about drug use among the youth population? Students will be expected to choose a specific field of social work practice discussed in class and prepare an annotated bibliography.  More specifically, the student will select FIVE professional social work journal articles and the entire assignment should be four to six page, double-spaced,, using APA … Read More

Creative Writing

Creative Writing For this assignment you will be asked to write a creative writing piece. You may choose from 2 writing genres: 1. A short piece of fiction 2. A memoir style non-fiction narrative piece that discusses a significant life event. Whichever genre you select, you should use sensory details and descriptive language to illustrate … Read More

Summary Response

Summary Response Paper 1 – Summary Response [delete and use creative title]In a 2010 “Focus on Feed” podcast, Ruchi Sanghvi said the purpose of thealgorithm behind Facebook’s News Feed was meant to “separate the signal from thenoise.” In our current media culture, information swirls around us at a dizzying pace, andas responsible participants, we must … Read More

The Elgin Marbles

The Elgin Marbles Discussion Topic: Chapter 5 Discussion: The Elgin MarblesChapter 5 Discussion: The Elgin MarblesWatch this video clip: After viewing this debate on the Elgin Marbles, write a one-paragraph response stating what YOU think their fate should be.  Should they remain in the British Museum in London, or do you think they should be … Read More


Sport Search the most recent list from Forbes of the “Highest-Paid Athletes” and the most recent list from Opendorse of the “Top 100 Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers”. After reviewing the data, discuss what differences you see between team/individual athletes or male/female athletes. What constitutes an effective athlete endorser in today’s social and digital world? Provide an … Read More

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