Synthesis paper

Synthesis paper

You will demonstrate your use of current APA skills that you honed during the APA
Assignment and the Case Study Assignment, and all the content you studied throughout all
this course. Current APA format needs to be demonstrated in all aspects of this Synthesis
Paper Assignment. Proper APA formatting is required as part of the content of this
Synthesis Paper Assignment.
The purposes of this Synthesis Paper Assignment are to:
● Demonstrate proper use of current APA format in a term paper.
● Demonstrate proper use of one of the research methods studied in this course—
specifically, the case study.
● Reflect on what you have learned in this course and write about it.
● Reflect on the course content as critiqued from a biblical, Christian perspective and write
about it.
● Note: Thinking and reflecting on what you have learned will take a considerable amount
of time. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for this Synthesis Paper Assignment.
Using a case study report approach, write 4 – 8 pages of a research-based report using yourself as
the research subject by answering these three assigned research questions:
● What have you learned about research at an introductory level?
● How do you evaluate or critique this from a biblical, Christian perspective?
● Describe the process you, the researcher, went through with this Synthesis Paper
Assignment, gathering information, deciding what to include, and so on.
Create an appropriate heading for each of these questions. Do not copy the questions above to
use as the wording for your headings. These three questions above are deliberately not written as
level one headings in current APA formatting the way they appear above, however, a good way
to organize your document would be to use these three ideas as appropriately written level one
headings. Add additional levels of headings as appropriate throughout the document to organize
your content.
Your paper must include a properly formatted title page for a student paper, four to eight pages
of content with correct current APA formatting throughout, including proper citations and levels
of headings, and a reference page. The title page and references page are in addition to the
assigned four to eight pages of content. Maintain consistency between your citations and
reference page. Your paper must include at least four references to sufficiently support your
paper. Required references include your Introduction to Research textbook and the Publication
Manual, and at least two additional scholarly references. You may also include additional
content-related sources you would like to include that are part of what you learned in this course
this term. Remember, use current APA format and paper elements for a student paper throughout
(including your title page, appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure, introductory statement,
in-text citations, page numbers, levels of headings throughout the document, a conclusion
statement, and consistency between your in-text citations and references).
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In addition to the scholarly sources described above, you may use your Discussion posts and
additional personal reflection. However, remember that you are writing a case study report; you
are not merely writing personal reflections as such. Your answer will be unlike anyone else’s,
and that is what is expected. Be sure to consult your Publication Manual for proper formatting
for your in-text citations and references for these other sources.
Think about what you have learned, reflect, synthesize, and write that synthesized reflection into
a case study report about you. Do not simply copy and paste together various previous
assignments from our course and combine those to create this document.
Note: This Synthesis Paper Assignment is open-book/open-notes, open-Bible, open to
discussion with friends, etc. Be sure to document your sources appropriately as in-text citations
and as references when you use the textbook or other material from this course, personal
interviews with friends, etc.
This Synthesis Paper Assignment requires that you incorporate proper current APA formatting
throughout the document. Formatting errors will result in point deductions.

list of what we did

Crawford: Introduction to research: Less fright, more insight (Custom 3rd ed.)

Introduction Acknowledgements Part 1: Introduction to Research Chapter 1: Psychology as a Science Chapter 2: APA Style Chapter 3: Goals and Methods of Psychology Part 2: Non-experimental Research Methods and Variables Chapter 4: Non-experimental Research Methods Chapter 5: Variables, Reliability and Validity Part 3: Experimental Research Methods Chapter 6: Hypothesis Testing Chapter 7: Selection of Variables, Operational Definitions, Measurement Chapter 8: Selection and Assignment of Participants Chapter 9: Internal Validity — Controls and Threats Part 4: Types of Designs Chapter 10: Between Subjects Design and Within Subjects Design Chapter 11: Factorial Designs Chapter 12: Single Case Designs Chapter 13: Hypothesis Testing and Interpreting Results Part 5: Practical Considerations Chapter 14: Using Research Methods for Program Evaluation Chapter 15: Ethical and Legal Considerations

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