Summary Response

Summary Response

Paper 1 – Summary Response [delete and use creative title]
In a 2010 “Focus on Feed” podcast, Ruchi Sanghvi said the purpose of the
algorithm behind Facebook’s News Feed was meant to “separate the signal from the
noise.” In our current media culture, information swirls around us at a dizzying pace, and
as responsible participants, we must learn to think critically about how information is
transmitted and what information matters the most. But how exactly do we “separate the
signal from the noise” on a daily basis? What strategies do people use to make sense of
all of the information available to them in the twenty-first century? In this paper, you will
compile (summarize) and evaluate (respond to) various strategies for deciding what
information a responsible person should prioritize and value.
For the summary portion of this paper, you will talk to at least two individuals about
their interactions with information and media producers. You will summarize their
responses in paragraph form. In other words, do not repeat the questions in your essay;
instead, use quotations from your interviews to support your summary in paragraph form.
Also, think of information and media in a broad sense: this can include news, updates from
family and friends, entertainment, among others. And do not assume individuals will find
their information online in digital form. (People still read newspapers and listen to the
radio.) With this in mind, ask at least two people to answer the following questions

Last Name 2

  1. From what sources do you find or encounter information throughout the week?
    (Examples: television, newspaper, radio, computer, smartphone, etc.)
  2. Of these sources, what media producers and news sources do you spend the
    most time viewing or listening to? (Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, local news,
    Apple News, Google News, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  3. What motivates you to view this media, and do you have a strategy for media
    consumption? If so, what is it? If not, what might a good strategy be?
    After summarizing what you hear from your interviewees, respond to what you heard by
    evaluating, describing, and formulating your own strategy. Describe your current
    information consumption by answering the three questions (above) for yourself. (Again, do
    not repeat the questions in your essay.) After that, share your thoughts about the
    strategies you heard from your interviews and respond with what strategies you think are
    most helpful.
    Start and end your essay with an interesting example of media consumption from
    your own or someone else’s experience. This paper should be 3 pages (900 words). Use

MLA format: double-spaced, using a version of the Times or Arial fonts (size 12), with one-
inch margins. Your paper will earn a penalty if you do not use proper MLA formatting. (As

an example, this prompt is formatted using MLA format.) Your paper will also include a
Works Cited page with citations for each interview you conduct. The Works Cited citations
for interviews are simple (remove the quotation marks from what follows): “Smith, Jane.
Personal interview. 28 January 2018.” Your full paper draft will be due on the designated
day in the appropriate assignment in Canvas, and the final paper will also be due in a
different assignment in Canvas on the designated day (see course calendar for due dates).

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