struggle of civil rights for Latinos, Asian Americans, and LGBTQ community

struggle of civil rights for Latinos, Asian Americans, and LGBTQ community

Assignment 2 – Analytical Essay (100 pts):
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 Due Date: On or before Friday, 4/08 (8:00 AM)
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time. If your assignment is not received, it will not be graded.
Write an analytical essay outlining and discussing the struggles for civil rights for Latinos,
Asian Americans and the LGBTQ community.
Following the successes of the African American movement for civil rights during the 1950s and 1960s, other
groups rose to demand recognition of their civil rights.
Discuss the history of the Latino, Asian American, and gay and lesbian struggles for civil rights. In your
answer, be sure to highlight the strategies each group employed as well as the important laws and court
cases that advanced the cause of equal treatment under the law.
Research to inform your opinion, and provide evidence to make a good argument.

Grading Areas (waited equally):
 Format/Layout: MLA (Modern Language Association), See “Analytical Essay Format” on
o References / citations: Cite all source material, in-text when appropriate and include a
works cited section.
 Content/Information: All elements addressed, based on careful research, coherent.
 Quality of Writing: Organization and coherence of ideas, clarity of sentences and
paragraphs, attention to spelling, grammar and English writing conventions.

Core Competency Assessment Categories: Critical Thinking, Social Responsibility, Personal
Responsibility and Communication.

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