In your essay, you will need to cite the YouTube video you are analyzing

YouTube Demonstration Speech Video Review


Provide a critical review of a YouTube Demonstration video.

Purpose & Audience:

For this assignment, you will select and view a YouTube Demonstration. Choose one of the following videos:

Making a gift basket

How to make frozen hot chocolate

How to do the Charleston (dance)

You will then write an essay in which you critically analyze the video you selected by pointing out its strengths and weaknesses.

In your essay, you will need to cite the YouTube video you are analyzing; additional research is not required. You must use parenthetical citations and a properly formatted APA References page.

Your essay should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12-font, Times New Roman.


After you have selected your video to analyze for this assignment (see above for video options), watch the video again, taking notes as you view it. As you watch, critically think about the presentation’s effectiveness and determine if the demonstration speech was successful or not and why.

Draft your response to these questions in the form of a narrative essay (think paragraphs versus just question and answer) that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, transitions (you can use headers if you like), a conclusion, and proper APA formatting. See the essay requirements, below.
Essay Review Format Requirements

Introduction (1 paragraph): Should explain what video was chosen and why.

Thesis statement: The thesis should state if the demonstration speech (video that you chose) was successful or not, and what main elements made it successful or not.

Discussion (a handful of paragraphs): This is the key component of the essay. Discuss what was found after analyzing the demonstration speech (video).

What is the main point of the speaker’s presentation?

What qualifications does the speaker have to present on the topic?

Was the speaker prepared, thorough, and clear with their instructions?

Who is the intended audience for this presentation (i.e. who would benefit the most from listening to this presentation)?

Was there evidence that the demonstration was successful?

Was the speaker successful in holding your attention throughout the presentation? Why or why not?

What did the speaker do especially well? What could’ve been improved upon?

What did you learn from this video that can help you with your own YouTube demonstration?

Conclusion (1 paragraph): What do your findings suggest about the successes or failures of the demonstration speech (video)? How has the video influenced your approach to the demonstration speech that you will be giving?

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In your essay you will need to cite the YouTube video you are analyzing


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