Social Media and it’s Contribution to the Marketing Field in the 21st Century


The main objective of this research paper is to help business students to gain understanding and knowledge about important research involved in marketing as a field of study or also famously known as marketing science. The research paper should encapsulates a wealth of secondary research on the description of what consists and the importance/relevance of the topic ( social media and its contribution to the 21st century )that you plan to write. “21st Century” must appear in the title of your research paper.  Regardless of the topic chosen, your research paper must incorporate these five main big ideas (in other words, they must not be overlooked) namely: (1) The ethical aspect of the topic, (2) The global aspect of the topic, and (3) The

of the topic, (4) The marketing implications of the topic –i.e., the net benefits enjoyed by marketers through the mastery of the topic, and (5) The simple framework that you can offer to your reader upon researching the various aspects of the topic. Besides these five main areas, you can come up with wide range of other areas –that are relevant– to explore or describe the topic.   


Students may conduct their research using secondary resources available in the library (local and university libraries). Among most popular resources available in the libraries are books, peer reviewed academic journals, practitioners’ journals, annual reports, which can be accessed through various data bases, subscribe by any given library (i.e., local and university libraries).

REPORT GUIDELINES (Individual work)****: 

This marketing research paper should be written in approximately between 3,500 to 3800 words, 12 font size, double spacing, MS Words document, Times New Roman, and not counting addendum and bibliography). The required word count must not include the cover page, bibliography, and end notes. To visualize the breakdown of the research paperI have created the following subsections which you are advice to follow as guidelines at the basic minimum: 

a)    Introduction and importance of ____e.g social media marketing__(topic of your choice). 

b)    The first component of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you want to explore. 

c)    The second component of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you want to explore. 

d)    The third component of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you want to explore. 

e)    The [ethical aspect] component of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you want to explore. 

f)     The [diversity aspect] component of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you want to explore. 

g)    The [global aspect] component of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you want to explore. 

h)    The [marketing implications of] the components of the _______________(topic of your choice) that you already explored. 

i)     The [simple framework you can offer your reader] as a result of the synthesis of all the components you have explored in the _______________(topical area of your choice). At the end of your paper, you are asked to provide a framework to demonstrate your understanding about the overall understanding that you have gathered from writing your final paper.

j)     Future Challenges: Are the above researched areas deserved to be applauded or do we need to still work on the areas that are clearly lacking and untapped? Or a mixture of both. 

k)    Conclusion: In conclusion this paper provides preliminary understanding about this marketing area. The information above has helped marketers …………….   

***: Please note that the above structure is offered as a basic guideline only. At the very least the above structure must be followed. In addition to the above structure, students may create more subheadings


You are required to cite a good amount of academic peer reviewed journal articles (at least 20 sources of which 10 should be peer reviewed journals articles) in your bibliography section. Any standard reference (e.g., APA, MLA) maybe used. Besides the peer reviewed academic journals, you can include as many other resources from the books, annual reports, popular press, periodicals, business magazines, and web-site resources.  It is recommended that you list the references alphabetically at the end of the paper. These sources are preferably to be the most current and up to date information. You are recommended to cite all of them in the body of your final report as well.  

GRADING (0% to 100% earned points): 

This project will be graded principally on content. However, it is expected to be well written and structured. The paper should be divided into sections with major and minor headings as depicted above. A good report should have introduction, proper subheadings indicative of major contents, a persuasive and creative discussion, conclusion, and a bibliography section (as well as a complete Appendix Section).  

Report Writing Procedures

a)            Include a professional bibliography.   

b)            Each number must be separate.  i.e. If you are researching subheading “A” and “B,” do not combine the content within each subheading.  Separate the material into the different subheadings (be creative!). 

c)            Number each main subheading A, B, C…etc. and assign appropriate name to each subheading for instance A. INTRODUCTION and so on and so forth. Please feel free to use the subheadings similar to the ones provided in this guideline. Make sure the paragraph reads and transitions well from one to the other. 

d)            Page numbering starting with the body of the report (Not including the cover page, table of content, and appendices of the report).  

e)            Include a table of contents with the corresponding page numbers. 

f)             A cover page must include date, report’s recipient’s name, and name of the researcher. 

g)            Ensure the report looks professional. 

h)            Use graphs, charts, and etc. instead of words where appropriate (in appendix).   

l)             Plagiarism is an academic crime! Students will automatically fail this course for committing any level of plagiarism during the completion of this final research paper. 

m)          Please do not “cut and paste” paragraphs after paragraphs from previous academic research without offering any forms of meaningful understanding.

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