What do you think of this video and why do you think that way?

Question 1

Go to: https://www.ft.com/video/83703ffe-cd5c-4591-9b4f-a3c087aa6d19
This is a video of a Bar Chart Racing showing the most populous cities through time. Watch the video (you might need to enlarge it), there is sound and a transcript.

Part One:

Critically analyze the video and the information it shows. Think about what you have learned in this class. Think about what you learned from Weaponized Lies (Evaluating Numbers, Words, and the World), the ACRL Framework, and our discussions on diversity. What thoughts do you have about this video and its information? Do you think this is a good source? What do you think of this video and why do you think that way?

Part Two:

Imagine you show this video to a friend and they say, “This is interesting but I can’t believe it is accurate. I just googled the 2017 populations of New York City and Tokyo. The population of New York City, as of 2017, was 8.6 million. Tokyo was 9.7 million”
What can you do to determine if the video is accurate? Is the video accurate? What did you do to determine that? What other thoughts do you have because of this?

Part Three:

This video is actually the second version. Can you find the original version? Explain what you do to search and if/where you find the original.

Part Four:

Can you find the data sources that the video sites? Explain what you do to search and if/where you find the data sources.

Part Five:

After searching, do you have any more thoughts about the video? Were you able to answer any other questions you had? Has your opinion changed about the source? Why/Why not? What advice would you give the creator to make the video better?

Question 2

Choose one or two of the Frames for Information Literacy:
• Authority is Constructed and Contextual
• Information Creation as a Process
• Information has Value
• Research as Inquiry
• Scholarship as a Conversation
• Searching as Strategic Exploration
Write an essay explaining the frame(s), discussing the importance of the concept, real world examples from your discipline, and how your view of the frame has changed since starting this course. How will you use the skills taught by this frame in your career and life?
Minimum of 400 words/800 maximum or about 1-2 pages

Question 3

Write a professional course reflection that will review all of the following in detail:
Discuss your growth of knowledge and skills gained through the learning experience in detail.
• Provide a self-assessment of your performance in this learning experience.
• Discuss what projects or learning methods worked best for you and what did not work as well.
• What did you think of the few due dates/ self-pace of the course?
• What did you think of the assignments (topic, plan, outline) that had to be resubmitted until complete?
• What did you think of YellowDig? Would you make changes to the point system?
• On average, how many hours each week did you spend on this course?
• Do you think this aligned with the course objectives?
• What would you change about the course?
• You’re welcome to provide suggestions for future semesters. Please write in a professional manner using good grammar and proper spelling.


Information literacy develops the utilization of information in the graduate learning process. A fuller appreciation and recognition of the need for information, identification of needed information, networking and technical skills associated with locating the information, and critical consideration of information are addressed. Students should expect to be more thoughtful consumers of scholarly and applied research and current modern information technologies.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:
1. Analyze the context of information sources to draw meaningful conclusions
2. Synthesize fact and opinion to support an argument effectively
3. Demonstrate mechanical sophistication, such as structure, style, conventions, and grammar, appropriate to a specific discipline or writing task

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What do you think of this video and why do you think that way


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