Site or Event Attraction Recommendation in Houston

Site or Event Attraction Recommendation in Houston

For your paper…suppose a friend or relative is visiting Houston for the first time and asks you “Since this will be my first time visiting Houston what is one attraction I absolutely must see and why?”  NOTE: THE RECOMMENDATION DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SOMETHING FROM THE HOUSTON INSIDER PROGRAM. 

After identifying your recommended “must see” site or event attraction, clearly and briefly describe the characteristics that make it a site or event.  Then, clearly and briefly identify if it is manmade or natural and characteristics that make it a manmade or natural attraction. 

In the rest of the space you have to write your paper, which should be a majority (remember the above parts are to be “clearly and briefly” provided) provide rationale that your recommendation is a “must see” for a first time visitor to Houston.  In addition, include any special recommendations you might have for your recommendation (a few ideas or examples below, but whatever your recommendations are should be specific and helpful for your recommended site or event). 

Feel free to use Visit Houston website to help you learn about possibilities.  Remember, Visit Houston promotes the Houston area, not just the city.  Visit Houston has a lot of information that should help with this assignment.

Parts of the paper:

  • Identify and describe the site or event including the following (both of which are discussed in Chapter 1):
    • Characteristics making it a site or event
    • Characteristics making it manmade or natural
  • Why is the site or event attraction a “must see” when visiting Houston for the first time?
  • Any special recommendations for visiting the site or event?  (e.g., transportation issues; kid friendly or not, why?; time of day to go and why?…..again…these are just thoughts or examples of things you might address.  You do not need to include these specific things.  You should include recommendations that will be helpful to the visitor based on the site or event you recommend). 

Formatting of Paper: Your paper should be at least two pages and no more than three pages.  The following formatting should also be followed, or points will be deducted from the total points possible before assessing the content:

  • Typed on 8 ½ by 11-inch paper
  • One inch margins on all four sides
  • Two to three pages
    • At least two full pages, no more than three
  • 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Double spaced
  • A cover page with your name, title of the assignment, course title, date (not included in the two to three pages)
  • A reference list if you use references (e.g., book, website for the site or event, etc.) (not included in the two to three pages)

By the way, the city that you write must be Houston

You can write NASA which is very famous in Houston.

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