Selection and Assessment

Selection and Assessment

S&A Week 1 Work

Reading Material to use
1.      Plint, S., & Patterson, F. (2010). Identifying critical success factors for designing
selection processes into postgraduate specialty training: The case of UK general
practice. Postgraduate Medical Journal, 86, 323–327.
2.      Dick, P., & Nadin, S. (2006). Reproducing Gender Inequalities? A Critique of Realist
Assumptions Underpinning Personnel Selection Research and Practice. Journal of
Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 79(3), 481–98. 
Please answer each question separately. (100 words max for each question)

  1. What does selection and assessment mean to you? How would you define
    ‘selection and assessment’? 
  2. What are some of the underlying principles/assumptions of selection and
    assessment that underpin/inform the process and practice (and research)?
  3. Reflecting on this week’s lecture and required reading material, discuss the
    extent to which you think selection and assessment (either as an
    organisational practice or as a field of research) maintains social inequalities.
  4. Discuss any takeaways from this week’s reading that could be applied to your
    current or future practice

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