School Counseling Philosophy Statement

School Counseling Philosophy Statement

Students will complete a well-written version of their school counseling philosophy statement. Focus on your beliefs/philosophy/thinking about school counseling, the most significant learning this
and your vision of your career as a school counselor. All of this should be written in relationship to your understanding of a comprehensive school counseling program. Final drafts of the Philosophy Statement will include any new learning, and the role and function of the school counselor and current professional practice. The final statement will be turned in for professor review/evaluation utilizing the rubric provided.

Philosophy Statement Reminders:
A. Create a personal vision of what school counseling and a professional school counselor should be. Include personal beliefs about the theory and practice of school counseling in relationship to a comprehensive school counseling program.
B. Begin thinking about students and their needs and how a school counselor, such as yourself, will meet those needs in a diverse and everchanging world. The statement should not include your personal history and future planning and desires. Start by writing a list of what you believe you should (or want to) provide all students. Belief statements can become the foundation of your philosophy statement. Connect it to theory and practice.
C. Include current learning from program courses in the philosophy statement. Use in-text citations and create a list of references for any citations below the philosophy.
D. Expressing thoughts in a clear and creative way is an expectation. Correct conventions and strong writing skills will be considered.

Book resource we use for class-Erford, B. (2018). Transforming the school counseling profession, 5th Edition. Pearson Publishing Company.

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