What new ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc. did you learn in your watching?

Writing about Mondovino (2004) Documentary and Rhetorical Analysis


A. Go to the link below to understand some vocabularies in filmmaking

B. Watch the Mondovino documentary https://tubitv.com/movies/506270/mondovino

Your overall goal is to describe the filmmaker’s main points and evidence for their main points in your own words and then write your own personal views on how well they present those points. So, please do not only focus on summarising the main points of the documentary and ensure telling us how do you get persuaded by the filmmakers or not.

Helpful Tips:

Have an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
The thesis statement should argue the filmmaker’s effectiveness in persuading the viewer.
The summary should include the below:
The filmmaker and documentary title.
Identify the main points and the evidence presented for those points.
Only include necessary details from the documentary.

All body paragraphs should also evaluate the filmmakers by arguing your view on how the information is presented including the below ( in your sequential order )

What new ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc. did you learn in your watching? What are your responses to these ideas? How did learning these ideas make the documentary effective or not?
What are some filming strategies that the director has used that you find effective? Why are they effective, and how do they impact the overall effectiveness of the article? Give concrete examples from the scenes as quotes and/or paraphrases.

Describe all of the examples of ethos (appeal to credibility). If any
Describe all of the examples of pathos (appeal to emotion). If any
Describe all of the examples of logos (appeal to reasoning). If any
Describe any instances where you questioned the legitimacy of a person, fact, etc. in the film.
Describe instances where you questioned bias in the film. If any
Include important quotes from the film to support the argument.

Please make sure you focused on explaining how do you think the filmmakers are successful in persuading you as a viewer

Did you get persuaded or not???? If so, why and how? or why not?

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What new ideas concepts beliefs etc. did you learn in your watching


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