In the Essay, you are focusing on the ending of Flight

Writing Essay based on reading

I. The Context of Essay

In the Essay, you are focusing on the ending of Flight. Many things are revealed at the end of the story, including the fact that Zits never shot anyone in the bank. Another thing that is revealed is that the white kid named Justice never existed. Overall, the conclusion of the story shows that Zits was totally transformed by his body jumping and time traveling experience. He tells everyone his real name, Michael, and he decides to stop living on the streets and instead join the family of Officer Dave’s brother and his wife.

II. The Question for Essay

The last thing that Zits says in the story is: “My real name is Michael. Please, call me Michael” . This statement is the total opposite of the first thing that he says in the story, “Call me Zits. Everybody calls me Zits”. He has become a new person.

The body jumping and time traveling experience saved the kid’s life, and we have evidence that it actually happened because for a moment he disappeared from the video camera in the bank.

In your interpretation, what did Michael experience that changed the way he sees life and himself?

III. The Structure of Essay

In your first paragraph, you need to briefly summarize the whole story. Keep in mind that you must briefly describe all five body jumps. It would be a good idea to break your intro into two paragraphs.

In your third paragraph, because your intro will be two paragraphs, not one, you will describe the ending of the story, focusing on his very last statement: “Call me Michael.” Then you will propose your theory of what caused Michael to change his life.

In your fourth and fifth paragraphs, you will focus on scenes that you believe caused Michael to change his life. Because you are talking about the whole story, you could choose any scene.

In your sixth paragraph, you will conclude your essay.

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In the Essay you are focusing on the ending of Flight


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