Sarbanes-Oxley DB

Sarbanes-Oxley DB

Conduct research on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, as amended.

In 1 paragraph:

  • Describe the history and current state of the Act.
  • What portions of the Act are relevant to technology?
  • How do organizations show that they comply with the Act?

In 1 additional paragraph, address the following questions:

  • Who does the Act affect?
  • What is your opinion on the Act?

Cite your sources, providing URLs where available. 

1) Write the assignment as described above. POST it as an initial discussion of this topic. The posting is due by the date specified in the syllabus. Note that you must post before you can read and reply to other threads. 

2) Then, read each of your group member’s postings.

3) Respond with a topical and considered remark to at least 1 of your group peer’s postings. The RESPONSES are due by the date specified in the syllabus. 

Assessment: Your postings will be graded on clarity of writing style, quality of response to discussion board questions, and timeliness of submissions, as described in the rubric.

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