What is a PERSUASIVE response (Written or spoken)& how-to best plan it?

Persuasive writing

What is a PERSUASIVE response (Written or spoken)& how-to best plan it?
A persuasive or argument piece is a call for action that utilizes the arsenal of evidence and influence to make the audience think critically, reconsider the topic and adopt the writer’s opinion. Writing persuasive pieces or speeches is a necessary tool to impact public opinion and change people’s perceptions of certain things.
A good persuasive piece of a high academic level consists of three main parts, which are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

1. The introduction provides background information about the chosen persuasive topic and grabs the listeners’ or readers’ attention. Should include:

– A strong opening statement – perhaps a rhetorical question?
– Indicate clearly your point of view on the topic/issue
– ‘Signpost’ your main ideas – introduce them briefly
– Introduction should end with a clear thesis statement.
** The better you write this part, the more successful your response will be.

2. The body should provide arguments to support your opinion/perspective on the topic. This is the part where you can do your research and present your opinion to the world.

– It should be split into several paragraphs, each focusing on a particular point.
– Use clear topic sentences to indicate the main point of each paragraph
– Use a range of evidence – perhaps one or two – for each key idea. (Jargon, expert opinion, statistics and facts, use of visual stimuli -graphs, photographs, cartoons-, examples and the use of strong images are other effective ways to influence the audience.
– Include a range of relevant language features to vary the style &impact of your piece.
Language may be used to make appeals to the reader such as ‘How can this be tolerated …’ and can use inclusive and rhetorical devices, ‘Is this what we want in modern Australia?’ Language can also be colorful, positive, negative, emotive, or just plain strong!

3. The conclusion is something that draws the line and makes every reader or listener think about the speech or written piece’s topics more, critically assessing the evidence presented by the writer before adopting his or her point of view. Don’t include any new ideas in the conclusion.



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What is a PERSUASIVE response (Written or spoken)& how-to best plan it


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