Rewrite a Final Examination Guide

Rewrite a Final Examination Guide

Please identify and explain the core functions of effective management (Modules 7 and 8) • Please identify and explain theories of motivation discussed in the readings (Modules 10 and 11) • Please explain how public management differs in public versus private organizations (Modules 7 and 8) • Please identify and describe core functions of human resource management (Modules 10 and 11) • Please define “public values” (Module 12) • Please identify and describe key public service values (Module 12) • Please identify common public values associated with elected versus non-elected officials (e.g., bureaucratic ethos and democratic ethos) (Modules 3 and 12) Important • Please define ethics (Module 13) • Please explain the differences

You can also use the powerpoints i submitted-every powerpoint is called a module and with every question it says which module I can reference for the answer.

the attached document That is done by one of my classmates

Our sources can be the same but the wording has to be completely different so the professor doesn’t think anything wrong..

it doesn’t have to be too long like my friend did it. It just has to be enough to answer the question along with the sources in parentheses example (Module 7 PowerPoint slide number if applicable or like article 36, article 17) at the end of each answer.

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