Regional Transportation in Metro Atlanta

Regional Transportation in Metro Atlanta

Regional Transportation in Metro Atlanta

-Instructions:  Are there regional intergovernmental solutions to Atlanta’s traffic congestion problems?  Please post an idea (in your original post) for dealing with regional transportation issues in Metro Atlanta during the first five (5) days of the Module.  Once you write your original post, please be sure to post at least one response comment to another student’s original post.  In your original post, please try to integrate one or more concepts covered in the course in your analysis.  

In 2012, there was an effort to create a regional plan for dealing with transportation in Metro Atlanta, but it was rejected by voters in a regional referendum on July 31, 2012.  Most sales tax proposals (known as “SPLOSTs”) are created and approved at the county level, not at the regional Metro Atlanta level.  In your posts, you will probably want to consider political feasibility in addition to the more administrative and technical aspects of regional transportation.

-Here are some background articles:

-Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (regional T-SPLOSTs in 2012)

  -1% additional sales tax

  -first ever regional vote in Metro Atlanta

  -Fulton and DeKalb counties must still pay a separate 1% sales tax to fund MARTA

Transportation T-SPLOST in Metropolitan Atlanta (July 31, 2012, Referendum)

+For more information and background, google “2012 tsplost”

+2019 MARTA vote in Gwinnett County:–politics/gwinnett-monumental-marta-vote-reflects-region-changing-attitudes/xmPuS6QkebV6y094IlqnRP/

-Gwinnett MARTA vote results (March 2019):–politics/gwinnett-marta-voting-analysis-takeaways-you-need-know/ZemqhaQr9CXqSnEqEouvjM/#

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