Describe the physical setting of the performance.

Reflection Report


“Les Misérables” in Concert

Paragraph 1 Introduction: State the title of the musical composition, the composer,

Who is performing, and where the performance is taking place?

Paragraph 2 Describe the physical setting of the performance. Discuss the setup of the orchestra and singers, the conductor, the performing venue, and any other significant aesthetics that apply to the performance.

Paragraph 3 Discuss the historical significance of the musical work and the composers or the music and lyrics. Use new vocabulary words introduced in class where they apply.

Paragraphs 4-9 Discuss the musical selections/songs as you tell the story of the show.

You can mention what your favorite selections are and why. Discuss the characters and the performers who appear in each of the roles.

Paragraph 10 Conclusion: Comment on your personal reflections about the performance.

Include remarks about performers, the story, and what you have learned through this assignment. If you have previously seen this show, you can discuss how this concert version differs from what you have seen before.

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Describe the physical setting of the performance.


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