Why do microphones have different pickup patterns?

Creative Studio Techniques: Recording&Post-production

Describe the technical differences between dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones. Provide an example of when you might use each one. Name one of each microphone (i.e. the manufacturer and model number)

Why do microphones have different pickup patterns?

What is the proximity effect? Friend or enemy?

Describe two ways of creating a live stereo recording – think about microphone placement. What are XY and AB stereophony?

Sound in a room. How is reverberation created in a real physical room? What is pre-delay and why is it so important? When recording in a live space, how can you increase or decrease the amount of reverberation on your recording (the wet/dry mix…)?



Listen to the attached recording carefully (through headphones). What sound problems can you hear? Can you work out how it was recorded? What simple methods of postproduction could you employ to improve the overall quality of the recording?

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Why do microphones have different pickup patterns


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