Read article and review

Read article and review

Please read the two articles and write ONE page each, about what your thoughts are on the readings and reflect on the conflict of interests. Please do not summarize this is not a summarization assignment it is a reflection of your own creative thoughts. I will provide a sample of what I am looking for. 

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 Reflections should demonstrate thoughtful engagement with some of the key themes, ideas, arguments, and concepts that emerge from the readings and discussions. In their reflection students can:

  • explain their understanding of the concepts or theories presented in the readings and in class and how the student feels these relate to the theme or topic for that week.
  • apply concepts or theories from one reading to cases or examples from another reading or the in-class discussion.
  • identify and discuss points of similarity, difference, or contradiction among the articles and in-class discussion.
  • ask a thought–provoking questions related to the themes, debates, or concepts from the readings, class discussion, and attempt to answer it.
  • use the readings to provide a morevon or analysis of themes, concepts, ideas, or arguments discussed in class.
  • discuss in depth any controversial ideas or omissions in the readings or in-class discussion.
  • offer constructive and thoughtful critiques of the readings or perspectives shared in class from personal or other perspectives

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