Reaction Paper

Reaction Paper

Select ONE of the bullet-pointed concepts or principles as your topic of discussion, following any specific instructions provided for the selected bullet. Although other concepts may have been discussed in the chapters, the only eligible concepts are listed here.

Concepts from Module 6

  Habitual vs Optimal Listening

  Roles of Motivation and Ability for Optimal Listening

  Uses of Different Forms of Listening (Must discuss/compare two of the three forms of

optimal listening from the lecture OR two of the listening strategies discussed in the


  Positive vs Negative Communication Climates

  Confirming, Disagreeing, and Disconfirming Messages

  Enacted, Received, and Perceived Support (Must discuss at least two of the three)

Concepts from Module 7

  Conflict Styles (Must discuss/compare at least two of the styles discussed in the chapter

or lecture)

  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Must discuss all four as discussed in the lecture or


  Functional Perspective of Decision Making (Must discuss productive and nonproductive

conflict during at least one of the functions)

Concepts from Module 8

  Conformity and Conversation Orientation of Family Communication

  Family Communication Typology (Must discuss/compare at least two of the family


  Parenting Communication and learned Attachment Styles (Must discuss/compare at

least two attachment styles discussed in the lecture)

  Physical and Emotional Infidelity

  Stages of Relational De-escalation: Phases of Disengagement (Must discuss all five OR

discuss the implications of mismanaging of the phases discussed in the lecture)

Concepts from Chapter 10 not discussed in lectures

  Family Narratives

  Family Communication Rituals and Rules 

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