Race and Gender in Video Games

Race and Gender in Video Games

Using primarily the content from Weeks 6, 7, 9, and 10, argue points based around the following questions:

  1. Why is it important to examine race and gender in video games?
  2. How does the notion of semiotic space allow us to consider different motivations for playing video
  3. Why are there less women designers in the video game industry? Are there ways to attract more women
    to the video game industry?

    Develop your arguments as thoroughly as possible, defining all the main terms from class that you use. Use
    your own words whenever possible. You are permitted to bring examples from outside of the class, but
    remember that you are being marked on your ability to articulate arguments around the course material.
    Examples are specific cases to prove your argument.
    This assignment will be your own original work. It will be written as a formal essay and must be
    submitted as a Word document or PDF.
    Length: 800-1200 words, double-spaced. Include a title page. I’m okay with whatever officially recognized
    you choose [APA, MLA, Chicago Style]. Include a References or Works Cited page that includes any
    sources used.

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