The Chrysanthemums

 ANSWER ANY FIVE questions. Type double space, font 12. Handwritten
answers are NOT acceptable. Do not
edit this document. Type answers only with exact question numbers as on the
sheet. Answer questions in any order. Your paper MUST have a header on top left of your answer sheet.

Your answers must be at least 3-4 lines long paragraphs.
Answer questions clearly by giving reasons and citing examples from the story.
. It is not necessary to repeat the question. You should write answers in your
own words. Do not use textual words, sentences as your own answers. Any word
from the text (story) should be in quotation marks. Write complete sentences. Answers
from internet will earn an F grade.

To avoid grammatical errors such as comma splices, fragments,
misspellings, revise and edit your answers. You should clearly state your point
and support it with details.

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