QTY4320 – Quality Management

QTY4320 – Quality Management

I have to write a parfagraph per learning objective from a first person view. I use to work at Best Buy so that can be the company of focus. 

See below:

Course Description 

This course will explore the interaction of quality theory and classical management theory. Students will learn how organizations use quality practices and policies in normal operations. You will become familiar with the history and philosophy of quality and its practical application in business, industry, education, health care, and government. You will apply these theories to improve organizational performance. The content of this course is drawn largely from materials for individuals preparing to take the ASQ Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification Examination.

Learning Objectives

  1. Evaluate the concepts of the field of quality management.
  2. Compare and contrast the roles of employees, managers, customers, and technology in a quality-based organization.
  3. Defend an organization’s ability to effectively apply the techniques and theories of quality management.
  4. Justify the use of process control and capability analysis tools.
  5. Interpret ethical issues related to the field of quality management.

any questions dont hestitae to ask 

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