Create a skills section of a resume for an administrator position at a mental health and wellness agency.


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Question 1

1. Create a skills section of a resume for an administrator position at a mental health and wellness agency. Then, provide a brief description of how each outlined skill is essential to the work as a mental health and wellness worker in an integrated health environment.
2. Review at least three different mental health and wellness job descriptions on a career website (e.g., CareerBuilder; Jobing) and compare and contrast the differences in skill sets needed to perform the job effectively.

Question 2

1. Review Appendix 1A-1G and define the case management protocols for high-risk clients. What levels of services are indicated for those determined as high risk?
2. Review Appendix 1F and describe the decision-making process as it relates to documented progress in treatment. What steps should a clinician take when progress is not being made?

Question 3

1. Review the SAMHSA website at and identify three resources you have found interesting throughout your work in this program. How do these resources support or encourage the use of additional community support?
2. Outline a series of community mental health resources for a mental health concern of your choice and discuss when it would be appropriate to encourage the use of these sources. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these supports?

Question 4

1. Distinguish the fundamentals roles of a case manager versus therapist. What are the similarities and differences in their approach and overall goal for the client?
2. How would you handle the following two situations? What actions steps would you take in each scenario?

1. Your client expresses concern with his psychiatrist and his mistrust of the care he is receiving. You are the case manager on the case and this is your first meeting with the client.
2.. You have a difference of opinion concerning the services recommended for a shared client. You believe the client needs to be hospitalized while the psychiatrist on the case feels differently.

Question 5

1. After reviewing the ACA and APA Code of Ethics, how would you use the ethical principles of beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, justice, and fidelity when approaching client care in a mental health and wellness program?
2. What are some potential ethical dilemmas that may arise when working with clients in a mental health and wellness system? How do you navigate through these predicaments?

Question 6

1. Why is it essential to learn collaborative documentation techniques when working in a multifaceted integrated clinic? What are the benefits to implementing such a system? How could an administrator increase motivation in the accurate use of such a system with all team members?
After researching a variety of electronic health record platforms, please compare and contrast the top three. What do they all have in common with regards to effective and efficient documentation?

Question 7

1. Outline a series of comorbid behavioral and medical health conditions and describe how you would approach treatment. Which treatment models would you recommend? Would you address the medical or behavioral health needs first and why? What are the strengths or limitations of this approach?
2. Differentiate between behavioral and medical health treatment plan versus an integrated plan. When would it be appropriate to advocate for an integrated plan? How would you approach clients who do not want to integrate their treatment plans?

Question 8

1. Describe possible psychosocial stressors inherent in working with clients in mental health and wellness settings. What types of community resources would you recommend in these situations? How would you incorporate community resources into treatment?
2. As mental health and wellness professional, how would you identify the essential resources in your community? How would you network to ensure you stay current with available formal supports?

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Create a skills section of a resume for an administrator position at a mental health and wellness agency.


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